Connecting to the always-on customer.

"Convincing you that the smartphone is central to your customers' lives is of course superfluous. The central question is: How do you ensure that your retail chain is and remains present on your customers' smartphones?

About us | Delivery of continuous added value

Orange BOB is trusted by retailers who want to grow by using smartphones. We enable (mobile) marketers to build better relationships with their customers. Every day marketers benefit from our mobile engagement app platform, which provides more than one million mobile contact moments per day that inspire and drives action.

Vision | Making and keeping your customers happy

Consumers are looking for perks and convenience. They want lasting added value and would like to be positively surprised.

What we do | Drive action

We develop mobile engagement strategies -as a part of the omnichannel experience- and mobile apps with marketing automation technology. Marketers are able to communicate one-on-one based on relevance, activate people and stimulate store traffic with the aim to minimize churn and optimize profit.

Results | Contributions to growth

The Orange BOB platform is the most reliable source of user-level data to power growth.

Every day our customers experience a stable working mobile platform that:

  • Excels in ease of use

  • Provides surprising insights

  • Enables new business models, and

  • Facilitates in increasing sales results, even measurable in double digits

Would you like to know more about the usability and functionalities? Call us +31 85 303 36 71 or e-email us for an introduction live at your office wherever you are located in Europe.

Mobile is the new storefront of your retail chain.

Your customers | Keep and make them satisfied

App users enjoy preferential treatment. Customers use the app because they are positively surprised, receive relevant perks, gain (financial) advantage and are rewarded for using the app.

The embedded in-app communicator lowers the threshold to ask questions and ensures that your retail chain is also accessible beyond shopping hours.

To keep your customer involved with your brand, we create game situations in non-game environments. The app is extremely fast and offers a great user experience. inspires and stimulates action.

Make the difference | Optimizing your value proposition

Guiding what someone really wants becomes the value proposition of many retailers. Helping customers to be satisfied is part of the new strategy of retailers who want to make a difference compared to the price fighters. offers plenty of room for human contact. With the advanced communicator, we are adding a deeper service layer. But the app is also a sophisticated (action) marketing tool.

Communicating one-on-one, allured, surprising, various rewarding solutions. Learning from the (purchase) behaviour of your offline customers. You learn form your customer behavoir, continuous enrich your customer data and the app makes new business models possible.

Cost-efficient | Short time-to-market, no risk

Precious? Complicated? Certainly not! You don’t have to start a complex ICT project that will cost a tremendous amount of waisted capital, production time and finally is full with bugs. With the Orange BOB’ customer loyalty app you’ll make use of proven technology. You are up-and-running in just a few weeks.

With this advanced app platform we launch advanced bugg free mobile engagement automation apps in a short amount of time at a fraction of the costs of a bespoke app development project. Benefit from considerably more relevant functionalities than you would add to a custom project yourself.

Our clients benefit from proven and stable technology. Using this Orange BOB customer loyalty app you don’t have to start a complex ICT project. You probably know the stories that ICT projects will takes 3 times more time then expected, goes 3 times over budget and will take 3 times more effort from your organization than previously planned. This is not the case with Orange BOB.

The time-to-market is shortened by at least 10 months, thus increasing the effectiveness of your retail chain. The app actively contributes to growth and has an exceptionally high marketing ROI.

We deliver your branded mobile engagement app, integrate it with your POS cash register, CRM or link it with your ERP and/or marketing software, integration of your existing loyalty programme is possible. Benefit from the proximity marketing functionalities, analytics, webshop integration and the advanced communicator with in-store customer recognition. You have an additional wishlist? We are happy to forfill them for you.

Growing your business on and through the mobile platform.

User expectations for digital experiences are changing because of mobile. Users, we increasingly expect digital interactions with brands to be:

  • Real-Time: Interactions that meet them in their moment of need, whenever and wherever that may be.

  • Personalized: Users expect personalized content based on their interactions with your brand.

  • Seamless: Users expect their experience — what you know about them, how you interact with them — to be consistent, no matter where they’re interacting with you: on their phone, in your app, on social media, in your retail location, etc.

  • Easy: User interfaces and customer experiences should be simple and straightforward. (Or, as Luke Wroblewski, author of
    “Mobile First” likes to say, “obvious always wins.”)

From a growth marketing perspective, mobile growth holds massive opportunity to combine user expectations with new tools and technologies available only on mobile — among them:

User-Level Data: Because mobile analytics provide user-level data, marketers can pinpoint user interests, attributes and behavior. Every touch and swipe can be captured with the right solution to understand user patterns across their journey. 

  • In-the-Moment Messaging: The real-time interactions made possible by mobile mean you can send messages to users at precisely the moment that it will be most useful and relevant to them — messages that are automatically triggered by actions your customer has taken to interact with your brand. 

  • Real-Time Fine Tuning: Test multiple variations of a message to see what your users are responding to, and move swiftly to make changes that improve the experience and outcomes. 

Brands that understand and take advantage of the unique opportunities to connect with customers on mobile — and the unique real-time, user-level information available on mobile — will win. | Highly effective  | mobile engagement automation feedback loop | mobile engagement automation feedback loop

Are we thinking big enough about how we can capitalize on mobile’s ability to deliver real-time, personalized experiences to our customers?

Take your time | Ask yourself

  • Are our competitors already taking a mobile-centric approach? How could that impact our growth opportunities in the future? 

  • Are we asking and listening to what our users want, need and expect from us on mobile?

  • How can I use mobile to help personalize and customize “offline” experiences with my brand? 

  • What physical brand experiences can be made more exciting and engaging with mobile?

  • How can I leverage location, proximity and automation to grow with mobile?

  • How does my brand stays top-of-mind when people are not in my store?

  • Are our mobile interactions with our customers as individualized and personalized as they could be? 

  • Do our growth goals match up with the core value proposition of our product?

  • What are the key experiences that will keep our users coming back again and again? 

With the app, ‘dogsters’ facilitate the best possible life for their pet.
90% wants to be rewarded on their birthday (of their animals).
81% wants to receive coupons, conversion rate 23%.
89% redeems loyalty points for a discount.
20% uses the communicator.
— Dierspecialist (Target Pet Holding Retail The Netherlands)

Case | Dierspecialist

Retail chain Dierspecialist (80 stores) & DA pharmacies (250 stores) relies on Orange BOB’ platform.

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